Pimcore vs. Competitors

Find out exactly how does Pimcore compare to other world-renowned platforms for data management and more. Our detailed comparisons will help you make your next decision on digital platforms much easier.

Is Pimcore a better data management platform than the rest?

Pimcore is a top-tier data management platform and there's only a few competitors that really take a shot at Pimcore. Learn more about how Pimcore stands compared with its competitors!

Pimconaut in Factory office

Are there any eCommerce platforms like Pimcore out there?

Pimcore helps its customers bring their eCommerce businesses to a high level, but there are many more eCommerce platforms on the market. Are they good as Pimcore or even better? Read our comparisons and find out which platform will suit you best!

Pimconaut in Factory office

Is Pimcore really free and how does it compare to other platforms? 

Yes, Pimcore is really free! Pimcore's Community Edition is free from any licence fees, but that's not the case with many of Pimcore's competitors. Find out how other digital platforms are structuring their pricing plans and what platform offers the best value for money.

Pimcore day at Factory
Factory developers

Pimcore Development Experts

Our developers are Pimcore certified, with deep expertise in integrated eCommerce, PIM, DAM, MDM, custom development and more. 

Factory consultant

Certified Pimcore Consultants

We go beyond development to help companies solve complex data and experience management challenges.

Factory - Pimcore DXP

Optimized Results

Over the past decade, we’ve helped companies across the business spectrum achieve transformative growth with Pimcore as the foundation.

Factory - 1st place award

Pimcore Gold Partner

We're one of fewer than 60 certified Pimcore Gold Partners around the world. A tribute to our record of success in delivering Pimcore solutions. 


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