Increasing sales through mobile apps

Customers want to be able to see information about the products and services they are interested it any time.

But, it is not enough just to make an app and not consistently work on it. You need to be ready for interaction with your customers and for providing the necessary information.

If your business has only the website you’re missing a lot of mobile active users! To see how much users you’re potential losing, you can check into your Google Analytics report at Audience > Mobile > Overview. From there, you can see the percent of your desktop, mobile or tablet users.

First of all, it is essential to understand what is a mobile app and why every business needs to go mobile. Mobile and web apps are building your brand and give you better customer engagement.

Factory team can provide you with Android development or/and iOS development for your project.

We’re not big lovers of hybrid mobile applications; our client, had a hybrid mobile application that was unstable and slow, there were problems with ads system and also, users didn’t prefer to use it because it would often crash or suddenly slow down.

After we build Android and iOS application for, in just 2 months, the number of downloads on Android app increased by 7% compared to the hybrid version, and by 11% on iOS devices. That’s why we always recommend building native mobile applications for your business!

We know your business needs a native mobile app, so we collected features that will make your app smart(er).

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Bring customers back into your app with push notifications

Increasing sales through mobile apps

Push notifications help you to stay in touch with your customer because you can send them notifications about new information in your business at real-time. 

Push notifications can be sent for a variety of reasons – you can notify users about discounts, special promotions, offers, discounts, etc. before sending a message, it would be great to personalize content concerning consumer habits.

Our developers know how to create Events by which we can know the behavior and habits of the user. With the creation of the Events, you can easily Return mobile e-commerce visitors. Push notifications turned out to be a great solution for the growing Kuwait fashion shop – Thouqi.

While developing this retail store, it was necessary to come up with the solution for users who turned OFF push notifications.

We were thinking – if we tell them how much money they could save if they used all promo codes or discounts – customers will turn ON push notification and we’re in a good way.

Increasing sales through mobile apps

In this situation, we recommend to develop a special widget on the home screen and it will show up every couple weeks if notifications are disabled.

To have better user experience, we recommend a button right after widget, where you can ask your customers to turn ON push notifications. 

Selling faster with multiple payments

Increasing sales through mobile apps

When customers make their order, and when they proceed to the checkout, it needs to be as smoothly and quickly as possible.

To have a better user experience, it’s essential to have more payment options. That include credit cards, payment by cash, in recent times the payment of crypt valued.

According to Baymard Institute, if your e-commerce mobile app has multiple payment options, it can reduce cart abandonment by 8%. For the biggest Kuwait webshop Taw9eel, we provided online payment like Knet, Visa and Mastercards or on delivery using cash, Knet, Visa or Mastercard.

Loyalty rewards – proof that you care about your customers

Increasing sales through mobile apps

Let’s say someone is really enjoying your products and is willing to spend money on every sales action you have – don’t you think you should do something to keep it that way?

If a customer at any time notice that you do not care about them, they will no longer use your products, and once they stop to be loyal customers, it is difficult to rebuild confidence.

To prevent it, you can offer your customers to earn reward points by purchasing your products. Also, you can personalize your loyalty program and send your customers personalized wishes, offers, coupon codes and promotional information about products.

We have an example with coupons at Sheeel mobile app – you can find coupons for different services that are time-limited to purchase.

The newsletter – take advantage of the e-mail addresses of your clients

Newsletter is an ideal channel to reach a large number of potential customers. With the client’s emails, a company can create a friendly relationship with customers by sharing them with useful and interesting content.

It should regularly inform users of current offers, updates, and events, but you need to make sure you do not overdo it by sending a newsletter so users will not miss out on getting them. Note that mobile devices may be problematic with uploading images, so if you are relying heavily on them in the newsletter, make sure you send them a clear enough message in case they’re “stuck” on the mail server.


Sales start before customers visit your webshop 

1. Build a brand with your mobile app

It is easy; if you have an attractive and interactive mobile app, users will perceive the app interacting with them.

Your app should be technically smooth, surprising, informative and above all, functional. Remember, it is sometimes better to have less functionality but to function well. Thanks to a satisfied customer, your brand will grow more and more.

  1. Always be one step ahead competition

Many companies still do not have mobile apps. That is an excellent opportunity to be one step ahead of them. If you’re thinking why users prefer mobile apps over websites in retail, here are the reasons our friends from provided to us:

Increasing sales through mobile apps

But if your competition has the app, you need to improve yours to be better and collect more users to buy from your shop.

You can do it in many ways.

Did you hear about augmented reality? If not, you need to quickly get information about it because this feature in apps is one of the trends in 2019 in e-commerce

Also, artificial intelligence is a feature that’s gonna boost in the next couple of years. If you are not familiar with AI – it’s customer segmentation and identification of patterns based on customer history.

With AI, your webshop can work on the automation and store personalization for every customer. According to Business Insider, retailers who already have personalization strategies see the increase in sales of 6 – 10%. It’ definitely worth of try!

What else can you do to improve your webshop? – Enable one-click purchasing!

We know that the checkout process is one of the biggest challenges in designing and e-commerce business, so we recommend to include a one-click buy in the form of instant checkout!
It will skip the “Cart” section and the user can buy some items in just a couple of seconds!


  1. Use your mobile app for communication and collaboration with your customer

The mobile app can improve your communication with customers because you give customers answers to the issues before they ask (for example – about prices, availability, delivery or delivery deadline). Think, if your customers come to your e-commerce website and they are interested in some product, but there is no price, can they really believe in your business?

They need to make extra efforts to find out the price. Customers can contact you and wait for your answer about pricing, but it all takes away their precious time.

Also, if there is not enough details, features, and specifications about the product they want, they will think that maybe your products do not have it and will not decide for your products or services.

If you already made a mobile app, let the users know what they want and communicate with you in the end, and eventually, they will come to the collaboration.

With proven design tactics, we know how to present every detail about some item – the information is made in a clear and user-friendly way, and the user will not be lost in the application.

Still thinking about a mobile app for your business? Do not!

Just check how many apps you have on your mobile phone and ask yourself why do you have them.

Just consider what features your application should have, why would people use it, which will be unique and better than the competition.

Keep in mind that it must be interactive and personalized. It needs to improve your fantastic customer experience and never forget that it exists.

When you decide on your budget, you can see what you can put into the app. Then you build it. If you are not sure how, please contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.

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