Here at Factory we always put our clients first and create solutions that fill their requirements and assist in the user’s needs. We offer services in product design and strategy, quality assurance and testing, iOS and Android app development, and app analytics just to name a few. 

Our team consists of 25 engineers, 3 project managers, 4 quality assurance members, and 3 designers to help design the best product possible for you and your company. We are excited about Clutch’s recognition of our hard work and their support in our growing business.

Our biggest strength lies in Pimcore. It allows us to bring our client’s business to its maximum, thanks to its features and benefits. Recently, we took a step forward and have become a Pimcore Silver partner!


Clutch is an independent firm which collects feedback from past clients and transforms it into a resource for clients looking for a new partner. This feedback is published in the format of in-depth reviews on company profiles on Clutch. 

One of our projects from 2019 consisted of creating an e-commerce site from scratch for a digital agency’s client. We made sure to keep the client updated on the progress so that they could see every phase in the development process.

Clutch reviews

“Factory sent us any additional ideas that they had, and we discussed them. I communicated daily with their product manager. Factory also met the deadlines we agreed upon. It was a perfect fit for us.” – Stella Denacic, Account Manager at Kala Presence

One of our current projects includes working on custom UI/UX design and development to create a website for a tourism service site. The site isn’t live yet; however, over 1,000 people are already interested! We made sure to keep strong communication with the client and their stakeholders. 

Clutch review

“The attention and thought they put into their work were noticeably better than any other firm we considered. They’re responsive, and we’re pleased with their work so far.” -Nikola Jurcic, Founder & Owner at Local Experience d.o.o.

We find Clutch as one of the most useful websites for reviewing both clients and vendors, such as us. Our clients are able to fully describe the quality of our work and our work ethics. 

All of our clients are highly impressed with our work and we aim to maintain that level of our clients’ satisfaction. Our clients’ success is our success and we aim to achieve that in all of our projects.

One of our earlier projects is We’ve been working on this one since 2018. The whole idea of the project was to design and develop a website that connects job seekers with opportunities.

Factory Clutch review

The whole process ran smoothly. In the first five months, there were more than 30,000 active users and 95% of users were successfully registered! Now, the number of registered users is more than 50,000! 

The CEO of, Maja Bogović, was impressed with our work and says: 

“Their skilled team brings excellent ideas and solutions to the table.”

We’re glad that many of our clients get to know us straight from our previous clients’ recommendations. It’s solid proof that we are doing a great job.

Clutch has been rapidly expanding over the years. Their domain now includes a sister site called The Manifest. The Manifest allows prospective clients to look through company services on individual company profiles. Our profile on the list of the top 15 app developers in Croatia highlights a notable project and some of our past clients.

Our success on Clutch has been documented several times and we’ve already been appointed with several awards! In 2019, we were named among Clutch’s top developers in Croatia, also Clutch listed us as top B2B service provides in Croatia! We consider this a great achievement. We’re always aiming to improve our work and we’re going in the right direction.

Why do we love Clutch? 

First of all, Clutch is an amazing marketing tool for service providers. Clients can quickly find the best company for their solution. The majority of users are people searching for a vendor who can developer their next big business idea. The more positive reviews you have – the better. If the quality of your work is awesome, positive reviews will follow.

Clutch is all about clients. Clients can review and rate all of their vendors on several different aspects so potential clients can know in forward what they’re dealing with.

We’ve been getting awesome reviews and thanks to the reviews and quality of our work – we’ve been positioned as leaders in our industry. We’re continually being praised by our clients and it’s really great to have clients with such positive feedback. 

A big thanks to all of our clients! You’re awesome!

If you’d like to join our network of business partners, reach out to us!  

We are always welcoming to new clients and would love to work with you. Let us know how we can help by telling us a little about you, your business, and your project idea today!