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The Challenge

One of our biggest challenges was making sure that mobile app users can access all of the features available on the AGRIVI website while maintaining high-quality UX. Also, we were quite new to the farm management system. But thanks to our client, we’ve caught up with it quickly and gained new knowledge on farm management systems. Another challenge we faced was finding an efficient way to display financial reports in-app. All of these challenges were overcome and, today, AGRIVI mobile app offers you the best mobile farm management experience available on the market.  

AGRIVI mobile app farm management software

AGRIVI mobile app enables you to leverage all of the features of its web application – effortlessly out of your pocket! The development of the AGRIVI mobile app started in early 2016 and still going strong! 

What kind of benefits does the AGRIVI mobile app bring to the table? 

With the AGRIVI app installed on your smartphone, you can input all of the data into the right from the field you’re working on! 

AGRIVI app helps farmers take control over your plantations, improve your overall efficiency, and increase profitability! With its agricultural knowledge base on production processes for over 100 crops, AGRIVI is guaranteed to make your day easier. 

AGRIVI mobile app features

No internet connection? Activate offline mode! 

You’re on the field and you’re looking to update your data, but there’s no internet connection? No problem! Activate offline mode on your AGRIVI app and store all of your fresh data.

AGRIVI mobile app offline mode

Keep track of your resources from your phone

Thanks to AGRIVI’s central registry, you as a farmer can keep track of all of your employees, seasonal workers, machine tools, fields, and goods – in real-time! Avoid low inventory bottlenecks and make sure your operations are going smoothly. 

AGRIVI farm management

Weather forecast and pest detection in-app? Sure! 

Every day, you’ll be sure to expect an accurate overview of a 7-day weather forecast or even 3-year history for every field! Also, if there’s a risk of insect pests or some disease in your fields – you’ll be notified! Thanks to the AGRIVI app, you’ll be able to protect your crops on time and be sure that you’re getting the maximum out of your work. 

AGRIVI mobile app weather forecast

Easily manage your farm finances 

Keep track of all of your financial records in documents in-app. With AGRIVI, you can track sales, expenses, and investments while allocating them to each crop production respectively. Also, to make sure you don’t miss out on any payments, be they incoming or outgoing, AGRIVI enables you to set up due date alarms! 

AGRIVI mobile app finances

Our client’s results are incredible! 

AGRIVI great results for the mobile app

AGRIVI has been:

- Recognized as a key global leader in the farm management software industry by more than 100 global market research companies that closely monitor and report about AgTech industry

- Listed as one of Deloitte 50 Fast Tech CE companies 2 years in a row

- Featured in the EU Commission’s case study report on agricultural technologies as a global AgTech success story



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