Educational center in Croatia gets a fresh new look!

Find out how Educational Center Orahovica uses Pimcore CMS to handle all of its content.


The Challenge

The challenges we faced during this project were both internal and external. Regarding internal challenges, several new team members joined this project and didn’t previously cooperate with our product manager. The challenge was quickly overcome, but there were still some external challenges to face. One of them is the fact that the Center is not still fully operational, but thanks to the information provided by our clients, we got to know it almost as if we were there! 


Educational Center Orahovica Pimcore project


Using the Pimcore platform, we’ve built a completely new website for our client – Educational Center Orahovica. The whole project resulted in a responsive and interactive website with an intuitive design with additional options for users with disabilities. This is now the go-to website for all sports and entertainment activities in Orahovica and its natural resorts.

Initial phase of Educational Center Orahovica Pimcore project

Analytics and design phase of Educational Center Orahovica Pimcore project

The results

Powered by Pimcore, the Educational Center Orahovica can effortlessly showcase all of its offerings. It’s placed in the heart of Papuk mountain, surrounded by untouched nature and remnants of ancient Croatian architecture. Today, they host various sports activities and create tons of educational multimedia content. The project serves as an ample opportunity for Education Center Orahovica to make a substantial impact on the tourism industry in its region. 

Helping tourists explore Orahovica via Pimcore platform

Helping visitors fall in love with Orahovica and its nature

The aims of the project are to increase employment opportunities, expand the tourist offerings of the city of Orahovica, and increase the number of visitors to natural heritage sites. By providing sports, entertainment, and educational content, EDC Orahovica is on a great track to attract a huge amount of visitors, as soon as the center is built. Thanks to their new website, their visitors will gain insight into all of the news and information about EDC Orahovica and its surroundings. 

Helping visitors explore Orahovica via Pimcore platform

Fully-customized admin dashboard in Pimcore

To easily navigate through all of the options and features available in Pimcore, we’ve created a customized administration dashboard. This way, employees of EDC Orahovica will have a clear insight into all processes at the Center and they’ll be easily managing all of the content on the website. 

Custom admin dashboard in Pimcore

The fusion of nature and technology

To make it easy for visitors with physical disabilities to plan their activities, we’ve associated each location with a difficulty level appropriately. Before planning out their daily activities, visitors can check the difficulty level of that activity and create a unique route they’ll truly enjoy. Before heading out, there’s much useful information to find out about various locations to make sure you don’t miss out on anything! 

Navigational feature of EDC Orahovica Pimcore project

Easy to use for people with disabilities

The website is fully compliant with level A WCAG, meaning that users with disabilities have an array of options to enhance their experience while visiting the website. Increasing font size, enhancing contrast, and highlighting links are just some of the features we’ve built for visitors of EDC Orahovica. The whole website is built with high attention to the logical structure of content and full transparency. 

EDC Orahovica website is fully WCAG compliant built on Pimcore

Using email marketing to increase engagement and conversion rate! 

The website was built with Pimcore as its core technology, using Pimcore’s eCommerce framework to create upon. Besides a number of eCommerce features, we’ve made sure that our client can easily create and handle newsletters. Thanks to Pimcore’s intuitive email templating system, our client can now simply drag-and-drop various offers, news, and other website elements into the email! 

Newsletter system in EDC Orahovica Pimcore project

Booking a room in just a few clicks!

One of the core features of this project was the booking system. Educational Center Orahovica has at its disposal a number of apartments and suites and it was crucial to enable visitors to check the availability of the suite and request a reservation. To make sure every transaction goes smoothly, we’ve used the CorvusPay payment gateway and designed a short and effective checkout process.

*At the moment, the booking feature isn’t available live. Stay tuned until the Center is open and even place a reservation yourself! 

Booking system in EDC Orahovica Pimcore project


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Try it out! 

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