WordPress workshop in Factory!

Save the date: WordPress workshop, 22 February 2018 at 6 pm

This workshop will be the best starting point for people how want to become a WordPress developer!

Meet the host

The host of this WordPress workshop is our full stack developer, Marko Čučković who can answer questions from Backend to WordPress development.

Marko started his developer career by doing some video editing when he was about 12 years old. After that, he started learning Flash and made his first website. When he came to Factory, he already had knowledge of web development and his first love was WordPress.  In his free time, he started to learn mobile development and always strived to be active and find a motivation to learn and create new things. Nowadays, he is a fully dedicated backend developer, who is our first colleague when it comes to solving big problems.

Let’s begin

WordPress is a platform that gives developers the ability to translate the functionality of WordPress through plugins, enabling everyone to easily install and use. When creating a site in WordPress, developers often use plugins. A plugin is a piece of software with many functions that can solve a particular problem on the WordPress site. 

Here is a list of main points for this workshop:

  • Creating, naming and file structure of WordPress plugins
  • Installation – using WordPress administration or manually in the installation folder
  • Plugin lifecycle – installing, activating, deactivating, and removing plugins and also, we’ll review practices in these functions
  • “Lifecycle” – over hooks – the difference between filters and action. We’ll consider essential plugin actions and clarify why they should be used
  • Database – appointing a base, uninstalling a plugin and deleting a base.

Now it’s your turn

Prepare your questions for Marko and fill this lovely form:

If you have some other questions say hello@factory.dev 

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