Introduction to Android Development Workshop

Our Android development team members, Marko and Ivan, have held a workshop on “Introduction to Android Development” as a part of CodeCAMP in Osijek. So far it has been one of the most visited workshops before a vast audience where each chair and power socket for charging numerous laptops were scarce. Happily, we managed to ensure that every participant, wanting to learn more about Android from our experienced colleagues, had the chance to do so 🙂
Introduction to Android Development Workshop

Workshop was divided into two parts

First part was a theoretical introduction lasting 45 minutes in which participants were introduced to basic terms about Android, the way applications are developed and, among other things, how to use Android Studio IDE to ease the application development.
Marko explained Android architecture and basic elements of an application, while Ivan showed how to create Activity. He also explained how users interact with application and which are the elements on graphic user interface used for interaction. In addition, he stressed the importance of testing and preparing an application before release.
Second part was a practical assignment in which participants were guided on how to develop a somewhat simple application. Every step of the development was explained in detail and the result was an application consisted of one screen which displayed Instagram feed with image thumbnails and status updates of users.
Introduction to Android Development Workshop
It may seem as a simple application but development included more than few important and frequently used methods in Android development. In the end, after some insightful Q&A, participants were given an optional assignment which means that the end of the workshop doesn’t really have to be the end of our guidance in Android development for them. Also, our colleagues have made themselves available through email to all interested participants for their inquiries and gave them a chance to learn even more.

“My first Android mobile app” Project

Other than learning more about development in just a classroom setting, Factory team has arranged for a couple of more surprises for the participants. Two of the participants with the best solutions will get the opportunity to spend a day with the Factory team in its HQ.
In the Blue Factory HQ, winners will get to work on their App, alongside experienced developers and with their guidance, to polish it further and learn even more. In the Blue Factory, we get some serious work done, but we also make sure that we all together have some fun and relaxing moments to unwind and keep our spirits high.
That’s why the best participants will also get a chance for a free lunch and paid travel expenses to hang out with their mentors in a more casual setting and of course – talk some more about development.
We hope that participants will recognize this amazing opportunity and make one more step closer to becoming a great developer themselves by experiencing a developer’s day at work here with us.
So, if you want a hands on experience in how it is to work and play in the Blue Factory:

  1. Send us your app
  2. Come and Join us!

We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂