We are celebrating 15 years of Index.hr and the start of Index.me!

How it all started

15 years ago, Matija Babić, Gordan Novoselec, Andreja Hudika, Neven Barković, Vlado Bulić, Miljenko Nikolić and  Aleksandar Mlinarić started a news portal. From the very start, they wanted to publish news that was powerful and honest.
Index.hr team of independent journalists has been informing the public about happenings in Croatia and the world. 80% of ownership is in the hands of their editors and writers, so no one can say that Index.hr is a censored portal – and that’s what their users appreciate most.

Information is a need, not an option.

The next step for Index.hr was to build an application for iOS and Android mobile phones. We launched the applications in June 2017. In the past 5 months, we have had 4 updates. In collaboration with Index, we keep on enhancing user experience.
For Index.me, our designer came up with an interface that focuses on usability. An advanced user notification system is personalized for the user. The user can subscribe to a tag and will then receive a push notification every time a new post containing the tag is published. We track valuable information from Firebase about reading preferences and most popular categories and keep on developing better solutions.
Main features of Index.me are:

  • Advanced user notification system,
  • Tracking newsgroups without registration,
  • Speed and fluency 
  • Integration with Firebase

Cheers guys!

We are thrilled to have clients with this kind of passion, dedication and enthusiasm. We appreciate working with you and respect all your hard work. Keep up the good work!
Find Index.me on Google Play or Index.me on iTunes.

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