Pimcore series: DAM - Fully control all your assets

Pimcore series: DAM – digital asset management system now made easier!

You’re having problems managing huge amounts of data? You’ve come to the right place!  

Let’s see what we have prepared for you!

Why is digital asset management so important? 

So, why is it important? The answer is straightforward. 

Many companies today have thousands and thousands of digital assets. In many cases, all of these assets are scattered in many locations. That makes managing these assets much more troublesome. 

Digital asset management system solves the overabundance problem of many organizations. It stores all the assets in one place, allowing quick access for all departments and clients if needed.

It empowers employees, saving them from long searches for requests. You want to make your employees’ life a bit easier, right? 

Pimcore series: DAM – digital asset management system now made easier!

Currently, Pimcore is the only platform that integrates all of your product information with your systems for digital asset management (DAM), content management (CMS), and multi-channel user experience. 

In essence, that means that you can also output all that data through any channel to deliver a personalized experience to your customers.

Now that’s awesome.

What makes Pimcore better than competitors? 

Excellent question!

To begin, Pimcore is a unique solution for digital asset management. Let’s show you some benefits! 

  • Easy access to all your digital data
  • Creates brand consistency 
  • Easy process of exporting data
  • Intuitive interface

Pimcore shows great results when it comes to internal workflow. It is simple to use, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through the platform. 

It’s used by marketing, IT, product managers, developers, and the feedback is outstanding. 

As you can see, specialized technical knowledge isn’t needed to use Pimcore successfully! 

We already published an article where we compared Pimcore with other platforms such as Sitecore, WordPress and Drupal. It may seem really interesting for you so give it a look.

There are still some crucial benefits that we would like to point out. 

Escaping data silos with digital asset management

Pimcore series: DAM – digital asset management system now made easier!

Remember data silos from our previous articles? Well, Pimcore deals with them easily.

Imagine if all of your data was scattered around the company. Imagine all of those hard drives, data banks, cloud servers and corporate networks. All of them are filled with different data. 

That’s not great. You want to have it all in one place – easy to access. Pimcore’s digital asset management deals with that data and centralizes it into one single point. 

Why is having all of the data in one single point a great thing? 

Your creative and operation teams may have to collaborate on a project. It would be a problem if the needed data was scattered across the company. By placing all of the data in a single point, it’s easy for these teams to work together. 

By doing that, you’re ensuring your brand consistency and providing your customers with a high-quality personalized experience. 

Now that’s something you want to do. Brand consistency has a direct impact on your customer experience and engagement.

Automating asset management processes

Pimcore series: DAM – digital asset management system now made easier!

Who doesn’t love automation? 

You just can’t avoid it. As the technologies are progressing, the need for automation is rising quickly. Too many processes, too many data – and now you need a solution.  

Pimcore’s digital asset management eliminates the manual process of media asset management. It has automatic face recognition, features VR images, does image editing, versioning, tagging, and so on. 

It clears more time for you to focus on controlling these workflows and improving your omnichannel strategies.

If you’re wondering about what an omnichannel strategy is – we covered that, and more, in our previous article. 

For now, we’re moving on to the next chapter.

You’ve probably heard of Audi – one of the most famous car brands in the world. “Why is that important now?” – you might ask.

Read on.

Luxury car brand uses Pimcore’s digital asset management

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, there are many benefits of using Pimcore and that is why 117 companies like Ikea, Burger King, and T-com use Pimcore as their DAM solution. 

Each of them is different and has different quantities and types of digital assets. However, one thing they have in common is that they all use Pimcore as a center point for all their business activities. 

Pimcore series: DAM – digital asset management system now made easier!

Image courtesy of Pimcore

The well-known luxury car manufacturer, Audi, is also one of those companies that use Pimcore. 

Dealerships order their showroom and signage from suppliers negotiated by Audi to ensure their brand consistency. It is one of the reasons why Pimcore was an ideal solution for Audi. 

The order documents for the equipment of an Audi showroom are covered on more than 100 pages! 

This involved a lot of manual work and a lot of mistakes. Dealers would download the order forms, print them, fulfill them, and then send them via fax or email. 

This indeed was a challenge, as the suppliers had to transcribe the writing on the forms. This process led to many misunderstandings, and Audi needed a change in managing their digital data.

Using Pimcore, in less than a year, a completely new order portal was set up. There was no need to download, print, and fulfill forms and no need to search for the needed equipment. It was all already provided by Pimcore. 

As there was a single source of supply for all materials, Audi made a variety of business process improvements. 

For dealers, it’s now easier to find and order the needed equipment. On the other hand, suppliers save time as they receive their orders in structured files that can automatically be processed. 

Implementing Pimcore brought several core benefits to Audi:

  • The order process was simplified due to one source of data
  • No more need for transcribing handwriting
  • Fewer misunderstandings and errors in communication
  • No need for searching separate order data, everything was available in a few clicks

A huge project indeed.

To summarize, Pimcore significantly boosted the efficiency of the order process in Audi. 

Benefits of Pimcore DAM in eCommerce

By now, you can already imagine why would Pimcore be popular as an eCommerce solution.

It’s perfect for businesses that need to manage a lot of products! 

So, let’s take a quick look at what can you do with Pimcore if you have an eCommerce website!

  • Allows you to manage, tag, enrich and share any amount of digital assets
  • All the information about customers, products and vendors are in one single point
  • Manage personalized experience for your users
  • Automates publishing processes across several devices and channels

To find out more about what are the benefits of using eCommerce for both businesses and consumers, read more about it in one of our previous posts. 

Even though it’s usually used by companies that have a large number of products, keep in mind that your business will eventually grow. In short, you can save yourself time and money by using Pimcore from the start!

Many eCommerce businesses are already using Pimcore, and some of the most popular are IKEA, Intersport, and Audi.  

Let’s take a look!

World’s leading sporting goods retailer uses Pimcore!

Pimcore series: DAM – digital asset management system now made easier!

Image courtesy of Pimcore

Intersport, the world’s largest sports retailer, operates in multiple countries, each with their own business processes and IT architectures. 

They had a problem with managing all of its products due to the usage of separate CMS and eCommerce systems. Employees managed product data usually using Excel files. They had two teams, each managing one system. 

The marketing team was operating the website, but the CMS had no eCommerce capabilities, and eCommerce team was handling the webshop which had limited CMS capabilities.

By using Pimcore, they connected all of their scattered digital data and organized it in one centralized system. 

Products were easily added using the drag-and-drop feature, which allowed them to create custom landing pages easily. Maintaining and updating the website became automated.

Using Pimcore’s digital asset management system, Intersport saw a spike in their online sales which grew by 80% in their first year of implementing Pimcore. Moreover, employees are more satisfied as there are no more repetitive copy-and-paste tasks, and the whole process of managing assets is simplified.

As you may dive in eCommerce while using Pimcore, here are 10 eCommerce blogs that you should follow. 

Also, if you are interested in starting with eCommerce, you should check out the latest trends, so that you could take advantage of your digital presence. 

But for now, let’s see how that works.

Ensuring brand consistency with Pimcore DAM

In this growing digital environment, it’s a challenge to maintain brand consistency in your media assets – which are often scattered on several channels. 

Integrating your digital assets with a software system keeps you in sync with your brand identity. 

Pimcore’s DAM software enables you to share all of your content from a single place. As a result, you have full control over your branding. 

Which means – omnichannel experience! Synchronized communication through all channels!

The most important and most obvious benefit of brand consistency is brand recognition. 

Companies should and usually do strive to be immediately recognized by their target audience. In today’s competitive and saturated markets, it serves as a highly valuable perk. 

It doesn’t just build a strong association between businesses’ core messages, values, and brand visual elements, but it differentiates the business from its competitors. 

Pimcore DAM includes all your assets such as logos, images, brochures that have to be available always. The included PIM module makes it easy to integrate asset data into product data which ensures brand consistency. 

By using Pimcore and all of its features, you can quickly improve the UX design of your website. 

As mentioned, all data is present in one place, so it makes the design process more straightforward, as there is no need to search for content in various areas. 

Metadata management in Pimcore

Pimcore series: DAM – digital asset management system now made easier!

Image courtesy of Pimcore

Pimcore has a highly flexible metadata management model, which enables you to create a meaningful asset collection. 

Its open-source DAM platform ensures that all metadata remains consistent. 

Pimcore’s digital asset management system allows you to store metadata like image description, tags or copyright information in one central place. Pimcore helps you create various metadata around your digital assets. 

You can use it across the entire system. Which means, in product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM) module. 

Pimcore DAM platform displays all metadata attached to assets according to XMP, IPTC and EXIF standards. In essence, you now have the data about the photographer (if the asset is an image), the equipment used, location of the photograph, etc. 

How to start with Pimcore? 

We’re coming close to the end! 

Now, to answer the most important question – how do you start with Pimcore?

This is where we come to help. We’re experts in Pimcore development and we’re on a mission to make your next business succeed! 

If you want to be a part of a successful story, your next step is – contacting us! 

Over 150 clients trust us with their business. And now, it would be a good time for you to join them!

On the other hand, if you’re a developer and want to create a career in Pimcore development, check our blog post where our backend developer explained where to start with Pimcore development.

Our Pimcore developers are working hard to put out some amazing info on Pimcore development on our blog! Check it out – you’ll love it! 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for more detailed information – why not get it straight from Pimcore itself. Visit their official website and go through their resources.

If you’re still unsure about where exactly to start, feel free to say hello@factory.dev 

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