What is Pimcore and what are benefits of using Pimcore solution

We often meet with new business challenges and find ourselves in a hyper-competitive market where the next ideas and opportunities happen every day. One of the biggest problems every business challenge is that if we can’t do something, our competitors will.

Also, we can all agree with Seth Godin on saying “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”.

That’s why we decided to present you, a big and one of the leading e-commerce software – Pimcore. We also speak about 4 big brands that are using Pimcore – why they decided for Pimcore and how it affected their business results! 


What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is the only open-source digital experience platform with inbuilt data management and experience management capabilities. It’s like a combination of developers, eCommerce and marketing team.

With Pimcore you can easily maintain with product information, multi-channel publishing and with your e-commerce solution. That’s why Pimcore is used by so many marketers who use Pimcore not only for editing and managing web content but also for publishing data information and creating catalogs or price sheets with the feature called Web-to-print. 

Pimcore represents innovation, speed, scalability, and freedom. With these features, Pimcore is a leader in providing great digital experiences.

What companies use Pimcore as their software solution?

There are 117 companies like Ikea, Burger King, T-com and Interspar use Pimcore. The most important selling points they enjoy while using Pimcore are:

  • Pimcore is a central place for all their business activities
  • Software architecture-oriented of service offering
  • Range functionalities – E-commerce, CMS, Master Data Management, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management

Every company is different, and every business has challenges, that’s why we decided to present you with a wide range of business and how they managed their challenges while using Pimcore.

Pimcore solution for one of the biggest furniture and home accessories – Ikea

Ikea was looking for a solution to inform shoppers with new products, sales, and special offers – which will result in an ultimate goal – making a purchase.

The first step was to enable free WiFi to all shoppers that enter the Ikea store. Why? Marketing team wanted to show all advertisement on mobile phones, so shoppers can easily be navigated to the desired page and be one step ahead from purchase.

When shoppers are connected to the WiFi, the first thing shoppers see is a landing page with special content with many offers, news, and promotions.

To easily change content, Ikea needed CMS for the marketing team who needed to be able to access the content and quickly edit with new information.

Also, CMS solution needed to fit for non-technical marketing team members. With Pimcore solution, the marketing team has the opportunity to continually update and improve the content and also, promote all offers from IKEA. These actions led to increased sales and revenue!

How Ikea increased sales with Pimcore solution?

When users access the landing page, they are asked to leave some personal information. By leaving information about themselves, Ikea’s marketing team is allowed to make market research about their shoppers and in a really short time can offer products shoppers could be interested in.

With these tactics, the marketing team was able to reach its targeted audience better and start sales even before shoppers buy some products.

Quickly Pimcore solution for T-com

T-mobile Germany was operating on a successful site for music and modern lifestyle which enables users to listen to new music and collect all new information about modern lifestyle and music.

To keep up with this success, T-com Poland needed a user-friendly, reliable platform for their audience. As a solution that meets their requirements, T-com Poland came up with Pimcore CMS solution.

What Pimcore features does T-com use?

With a Pimcore’s widget features, T-com can quickly manage a project from their end with minimum work with help from developers. Every change T-Mobile in Germany made in the CMS it became instantly live on the website which was an effortless transition.

A great feature was integration with other platforms including SoundCloud and Youtube, and also feature called “SocialHub” where news from social media networks can be displayed in seconds.

How it all resulted?

From the very beginning, it was easy to train the T-Mobile team to use Pimcore because of its well-think navigation.  So, T-mobile team was very satisfied while using new solution and also, they saw how it’s easy to change content and have a better website!
After going live with Pimcore, traffic is boosted in high numbers – nearly 340 000 unique users visited the website. Mobile users generated almost half of the total traffic!

Fast food restaurant on Pimcore? It works for Burger King!

Burger King was looking for a website solution to manage content as well as the ability to update the website with new images, products, and released promotions.

To have better user engagement, they also needed a mobile application with push notifications so they can inform millions of users regarding new coupons and special offers.

They are available across different countries, so one of the requirements was to build a website with a separate content curated for every region.

How Burger King manage its CMS?

With a multilingual CMS, Burger King can efficiently manage their website and regularly update with relevant content for each region.

With the mobile app, they can quickly send push notifications to all iOS and Android users and inform their users about upcoming coupons and special offers.

One of the most significant advantages is managing the whole content from one place – the marketing team uses it as a single-source to publish different content to different applications for each region.

What are the results?

One of the main benefits of using Pimcore CMS is managing Burger Kings websites with minimum help from developers.

With easy navigation, well-organized sections, Burger King’s team can update content and be sure that their campaigns are promoted on-time with massive exposure.

In this kind of sector, the loyalty of customers is a big game – Burger King uses the most of it! With Pimcore solution, they managed to show every coupon and discount so their customers can enjoy their meals and also spend more which resulted in increased sales and total revenue.

How to increase sales by more than 80% in the retail business?

By dropping Excel sheets and connecting the eCommerce and marketing team!

This was a situation in one of the biggest retail company – Intersport.

What was the problem?

The online team was in a bit of collapse – they were dealing with two different systems.

The eCommerce team was handling the webshop with limited CMS capabilities, on the other side, the marketing team was managing the website but had no control over eCommerce possibilities.

Both sides were doing a lot of manual and repetitive work by importing new products with Excel sheets to shop.

The results of these two teams?

High shopping cart abandonment and a lot of unsatisfied mobile shoppers 🙁

How Pimcore solution helped them out?

The first task was to connect all assets and data – more than 300 000 customer data records about customers, warehouse status, various data from providers and dealers.

After collecting and editing all data, Pimcore offered automatization for editing all content pages, coupons and discount systems, the geographic-based dealer with all needed information about product stock and many more.  

The Pimcore flexible platform has all the information in one place, from products, locations, services, and jobs. With an easy CMS and drag and drop features, the marketing team is much faster and they offer shopper impressive experience.

By combining tools, marketing and e-commerce team increased sales by more than 80%.

Also, all local dealers that work for Intersport benefit from this solution and increased their revenue.

Why choose Pimcore as a solution for your business?

The best way of having a satisfied customer is a change! It needs to be powered by a lot of ideas, and your change can inspire innovation and open your business to more and more possibilities. Pimcore is a technology rooted in this ideology.

Pimcore is a 100% open-source platform designed to give business owners the control of all your enterprise’s technology architecture. With Pimcore solution, you can create and manage an excellent digital experience.

It doesn’t matter if you need only a landing page, custom website or complex solution like ERP, Pimcore has the power to transform any idea into easy-to-use solution with options to edit content in minutes which gives you freedom of calling developers for a small change, and it gives you flexibility in way of using parts suited just for your business.

Where to start?

This is our first article about Pimcore because last 8 months, we learned and worked on 5 big projects running on Pimcore. If you are a developer and want to start your carrier in Picmore development, check our blog post where our backend developer explained where to start with learning Pimcore!

We hope our blog post will inspire you to create great content for your website, make a checklist before starting an e-commerce app, or if you don’t know where to start – you can always say hello@factory.dev and let us guide you to the best digital experience for your business!

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