7 tips to create engaging content for your mobile app

In a crowd of different apps available today on Google Play and App Store, it is important to highlight and attract as many people who will become loyal users and will not delete your app. One of the main things you should do is to have well-planned and quality content.

Some experts say that content marketing is the king in digital marketing, so all you need is to use this information in the best possible way for your business.

Being one of the leading Croatian development agencies, we have more than 6 years in designing and developing iOS and Android mobile applications, so we collected 7 ideas you can follow to create engaging content for your Android development or iOS project

1. Know and target your customers right

Every customer is different so you need to find specifics customer characteristics and make content that is targeted to your audience. Remember that you can not appeal to everyone because you will never be able to meet everybody’s needs at once.  

What can you do?

You can look at your current customer base and choose specific demographics and psychographics to target. Think about customer age, location, education level, occupation, gender, values, personality, behavior, interests. Market research and proper targeting of the market can take some time, but always keep in mind that this is a higher goal in the future

2. Get feedback from your users

After investing a lot of effort and money into developing iOS and Android applications, you want to have satisfied customers, because everything you do – you’re doing for your clients.

So you need to find a way to hear the opinions right from them. After that, you will know how to improve your content, what needs to be fixed, what you should add or what to remove. There are several ways to seek feedback from users.

One of them is creating a function inside your app that customers can easily find. It can be named like “Get feedback” and then the customer can write how to improve your app.

Another way is a contact form. It is a section at app where customers just click and describe their dissatisfaction or provide suggestions for improvement.

7 tips to create engaging content for your mobile app

Also, sometimes there is a “call customer service” section where you directly ask about your problem and customer service will try to resolve your dissatisfaction immediately or give you an explanation as this has occurred. We made that in our iOS and Android application for Sheeel.

Call customer service and mail customer service are available to the user to make the application as functional as possible and to better shape its feature.

3. Integrate your content with social media

If you are not on social media channels,  do you even exist?

We all spend several hours on a daily basis on one or more social networks. Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail, Pinterest or Snapchat, it doesn’t matter, we love to use them and scroll and scroll until we notice that we’ve been there for hours.

When you know that, do you need a reason why you should integrate your application with social media?

Integration can improve functionality because we can share our posts from one social media to another. Influencers are a really important item here. When they give some recommendations about some product or service, their followers will believe more at your brand. In the end, they will install your app and start using your products.

4. Give your customers helpful product descriptions

It is important to have all the main information about the product in one place. It is desirable that user can see various product images, how much time they have for the shop, the price and sharing options.

It would be great if you take to focus on product benefits. With that, you directly say to your customers how your product will help them.

Also, it is welcome to use as many friendly tones as you write product information. You certainly do not want your users to feel like talking to a robot, right?

At Sheeel app, we made section “Similar products” where users, after getting information about some item, can see similar products and see if there is a better deal for them.

7 tips to create engaging content for your mobile app

5. Keep the user after they spend the coupon

People like to download an app if there are special offers and discounts, but to keep them after they take advantage of the discount, you should have informative and quality content that will interest them and help you live.

You can reward your loyal customers in many ways. For example, it can be a loyalty card where the card would be stamped with every purchase, and after the target number, they get one product or service for free.

You can choose and buy one, get one free reward strategy, but not often because it may be thought that product quality is questionable.

Also, you can take your loyal customer to test your new product and say their opinion so you can consider the right product and right time for the market. Think about that because awards are an excellent way for brand loyalty and better user retention.

6.Collect impressions and take advantage of influencer marketing

There are no better influencers for your job then your users. Of course, you need to think about arranging popular influencers at your branch for promoting your new product.  

With a creative and well-thought marketing campaign, you can make high brand awareness. But do not forget about the satisfaction of your users. Let them create stories, too.

Giveaways are one of the most used and most useful things for promoting business. For better user engagement and retention, you can cooperate with popular influencers where they will make a post on their social networks. Thanks to that, your users will begin to share your product on social networks without you having to beg them to do that.

You can ask them what they think about the look of a product, shape, or color, and whether there are any suggestions for improvement. In this way, you directly involve them in the production process, and they have the feeling that they are creating a brand together with you.

Remember – if your customer is enthusiastic about the products or services which are in-app, except for those as mentioned earlier, they will talk about your app to their neighbors, friends, and family.

Here are some sites where you can find influencers for your business:
7 tips to create engaging content for your mobile app

7. Include a call to action button at your content to make it interactive

It is clear that you need to persuade consumers to buy your product or service. There will surely help you call to action button. They are designed to make your app visitors click and complete conversion.

For example, call to action can be: buy now, sign up for free, subscribe, join, get started. When we talk about e-commerce, most common is buy now. With a call to action buttons, your app is interactive, exciting and quickly brings the consumer to the desired action.

Tools to help you out

If all of these steps are already familiar to you and you are already using some of them, here are several online tools you should try. They can help you with creating engaging content for your mobile app. 

Snip.ly – you can add a CTA to every link you share

WordCounter – online editor which can help you to improve word choice and writing style. It can help you to detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism, too

Click To Tweet – free plugin which allows you to create tweetable content for your consumers easily

Do My Assignment – one of the best online proofreading tools  

Moosend – if you are looking for MailChimp alternative, Moosend is the best choice for you!

Conclusion: you don’t need a high budget, but you need a lot of time

It’s clear that it’s essential to have quality content in your mobile app. You can also make a checklist before starting a mobile app. The most important thing is to listen to your users’ needs and to continually work on updating your app so that users are always up to date with the news from your business. Mobile application maintenance costs are not small, and you should know that before you decide to create mobile apps.

Do not forget to include your users in creating a story about your brand, as satisfied users will be able to spur your product or service in the best way.

Producing great content isn’t an easy task. Every business should mix up different content and use more than just one of these strategies we listed in this blog post. This list can be used just for your start; after you come up with the strategy that suits you the best, do not stop there.

The best way to grow your success is to keep working on your content and remain it fresh and relevant. Your users will appreciate it more than all the discount and coupons you have for them. We recommend that you look top E-commerce trends in 2019 and try to implement some of them into your applications.

And if you still do not have a mobile app, and you think you could improve your business, contact us and we will be glad to help!

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