Clutch Crowns Factory as Croatia’s Leading App Developer

We’re proud to announce that Factory has been recognized as one of the best-performing app development companies in 2021! 

Our clients have recognized our devotion backed by years of experience, and through several years, we’ve successfully positioned ourselves as true experts in both Android development and iOS development verticals.

With more than 3.6 billion smartphone users as of last year, it makes sense why businesses want to maximize their reach through mobile apps. Mobile app development has grown in demand over the past years, with service providers promising bigger, bolder, and faster solutions left and right. 

Here at Factory, we pump out novel mobile app solutions that will surely elevate your business from the rest of the competition. Located in the captivating city of Osijek, Croatia, our company has been working with world-leading institutions and corporations since 2012. We embrace technology and we love developing what our clients need.

Just recently, Clutch hailed Factory as Croatia’s highest-performing mobile app developers for its higher delivery, quality results, and market dominance! 

Last year, Clutch recognized Factory as one of the top developers in Croatia, and our outstanding Clutch reviews have helped us position as one of the leading B2B companies in our country. 

Clutch also recognized Factory in 2018 as one of the leading B2B service providers in the world, and we’re extremely proud of seeing our work being praised continuously. 

Clutch is the leading B2B research and review platform from Washington, DC. that helps feature and showcase service providers from around the world. The site has a rigorous evaluation process to determine the best from different industries, that’s why we are extremely grateful for this recognition.

Clutch Crowns Factory as Croatia’s Leading App Developer

The entire Factory team wants to take a moment to extend our sincere thanks to every one of our clients, especially those who graciously reviewed our services on Clutch.

With 15 reviews on our record, it is a massive honor for us to be a consistent 5-star rating service provider! Our remarkable reviews on Clutch don’t only serve as proof of our dedication, they also motivate us to strive further and pursue pristine excellence.

Clutch Crowns Factory as Croatia’s Leading App Developer

Moving forward, Factory is excited to welcome more opportunities and engagements. We know there is no easy way out for any problem, but we are ready to face whatever challenges come ahead.

Looking for a team to work with? Say hello to Factory. Get in touch with us and let’s improve your market presence through our unique solutions.

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