Pimcore Inspire Virtual Conference recap

Last week, we attended the Pimcore Inspire virtual conference – and it was a blast! More than 1900 attendees from 37 countries and a whole day full of activities. 

Our sales, marketing, and development teams took the time to write down all the notes  – and we’re here to bring you our detailed report! 

So, sit back and check out the sessions we’ve attended and our short summaries on all of them. 

Also, we visited the last year’s Pimcore Inspire conference in Salzburg! Check out how it went and what changed in the past year.

Our Pimcore developers attended several sessions – check them out! 

Take a look at the short summaries our Pimcore developers have prepared after attending some of the sessions at the Pimcore Inspire conference! 

The topic of ETIM and ECLASS classification with Pimcore’s classification store intrigued us so much that our developers attended 2 related sessions on this topic! 

Pimcore Inspire virtual conference in 2020

ETIM classification with Pimcore’s classification store at JÄGER DIREKT GmbH & Co. KG

Our backend developer Alen visited this session and here are his gathered thoughts on the whole lecture!

We were shown key features of ETIM (Elektro Technisches Informations Model) classification standard and its implementation with Pimcores’s classification store. 

In the beginning, the presenter first introduced the company Jager Direkt GmbH & Co. KG where the ETIM classification standard is implemented. Continuing on the presentation, the presenter described Pimcore classification stores, how they are used, and where. 

Later on, we were shown how ETIM classification is generated via Pimcore command and what types of input elements can be used with it. The lecturer stated that they didn’t use object bricks which would also fit requirements because of optimization and search capability. 

Also, there were some mentions of the future plans for ETIM classification standards being multi-language support and creating a public package.

Pimcore Partner conference Virtual

ETIM and ECLASS classification with Pimcore’s classification store

Next on, our backend developer Helena visited a session on ETIM and ECLASS classification with Pimcore’s classification store – check out her short summary of this lecture!

The presenter talked about Pimcore Classification Store as being the perfect platform for integrating classification systems like ECLASS or ETIM in Pimcore. 

As ETIM is a standard used for the classification of products with a lot of technical details, which simplifies digital exchange, they used it for their Kaiser project where they had to manage over 12000 products related to electrical installation. 

It was shown how Pimcore Classification Store is able to support such integration with some adjustments for specific use cases.

Factory Sales team also attended the Pimcore Inspire conference! Check out how they summed up their experience

Pimcore introduced a number of new features with the new Pimcore X platform, so our sales managers made sure to find out what are some of the novelties being introduced on March 31st! 

Also, we tuned in to a number of case studies where we learned how other Pimcore partners managed to use Pimcore in the best possible way to help their clients.

Pimcore development

Central PIM and CMS for Erwin Hymer Group’s RV brands

Our Sales manager Ružica attended this presentation and here’s her short summary!

Twenty strong brands under the umbrella of the Erwin Hymer Group provide unique recreational and mobility experiences for customers worldwide. Using central PIM and CMS they enabled its brands to freely design their websites while benefiting from the central digital platform.

Every brand has its own PIM containing detailed product information, product configurator, lead generation, and Web2Print functionality.

The result is that more and more brands are moving to Pimcore while features are constantly being added!

Pimcore has become the favorite digital platform of choice thanks to its never-ending development of new and exciting features. 

Headless CMS for Toyotas car-sharing service in Sweden

She also attended the conference on headless CMS development, so let’s see how did it go!

KINTO is a car-sharing service provider in Sweden that wanted to create easy and smooth onboarding of customers and present their services (pricing, stations, and car models) to them.

They succeeded in this by implementing headless Pimcore CMS, DAM, and MDM and providing a central data hub for mobile-first websites based on a Gatsby and React frontend technology.

There are also a few perks on the development side of the project:

  • Pimcore in combination with a modern Gatsby/React SPA gives you high performance by design
  • Gatsby pre-generated static sites provide you with the correct visibility on the search engines and a lightning-fast UX
  • It’s important to determine the dynamic content needed and to fetch that data when the page is used rather than at the build time
  • Pimcore data objects are great for closing the gap of missing data for a rich user experience
  • When including both logic simplified edit view, as well as an example of preview rendered using React components, your editors will both understand the headless concept and get a rich preview

Pimcore development

How a Sudoku company used Pimcore to solve their digital transformation challenges

Check out how Keesing, the largest puzzle and braintainment company in Europe, implemented the Pimcore platform in their business!

While being involved in the market consisting of 15 countries and 8 brands, this digital brain health pioneer faced digital transformation challenges. They needed to manage product enrichment in an ever-changing catalog, manage the product lifecycle and workflows, and manage offers and campaigns for their online stores.

They decided to go with Pimcore and integrate it into their ERP and Magento.

There are several reasons why they chose Pimcore over other platforms on the market:

  • Flexible data model
  • Powerful object and data relations
  • Complex workflows
  • Flexible integration
  • Out-of-the-box PIM features
  • Out-of-the-box DAM features

Pimcore #PCX Roadmap & Outlook

Pimcore’s CEO, CPO, and CTO held one of the most important presentations on the conference! Here they announced Pimcore X, the latest version of Pimcore going live on March 31st. 

Our Sales manager Boris made sure to find out all we can on Pimcore X and the direction Pimcore’s heading in the future. Check out his short summary!

The newest edition of Pimcore is Pimcore 10, or easily said #PCX. From March 31, 2021, we’ll be using Product and Digital Asset Experience Portals – no more complicated admin interfaces for data usage and everyday operations. 

This Product and Asset Collaboration system is applicable to your business with configurable custom dashboards and analytics systems. With these new features, we can make it easy for you and your team.

Asset importing, data search, image tagging, adding metadata, data editing, grouping products, public sharing, and much more – all using a simple drag and drop functionality.

PIM conference

Database publishing for Italian manufacturing brand

He also attended a presentation on database publishing by our Italian partners! So, let’s see how did the Pimcore solution benefit this Italian manufacturer!

IVAR is an Italian company that has been producing articles for heating and sanitary systems since 1985.

IVAR had the necessity to implement PIM and DAM (definition of the fields, families products, trees, links between products) and to manage their integration with the management present in the company. The main two objectives were to be achieved: to speed up the production of printables and to update the website, translated into 5 languages for the 11 international branches of IVAR.

Their new platform works at full capacity and manages all the product data that results in the output outside. Pimcore’s has also considerably improved internal technical communication, making it simple and easy.

Their new site, completely updated, has much-improved navigability and user experience as well as a more organic and easily searchable content organization. The production of the catalogs has seen a halving of the times of realization and a degree of precision in the update and modification of the data before unthinkable.

Our Marketing team tuned in to the Pimcore Inspire conference as well! Take a look at some of the lectures they visited

Pimcore Inspire conference grabbed a lot of attention in our company and our marketing team decided to tune in to several presentations that could prove extremely useful to us while exploring Pimcore and its offerings. 

Vespa’s product configurator with headless digital commerce

Our Marketing manager Ana attended a presentation on Vespa’s product configurator – a topic that’s been in our minds for some time! 

We’ve taken a huge interest in both digital commerce and complex product configurators, such as this one, and we’ve already delved into this area previously. But for now, let’s check out how it’s working out for Vespa! 

Their product configurator allows you to configure around 2000 options per type of Vespa! That’s an astonishing number, taking into account that there are quite a few models of Vespa. 

The main benefit of this product configurator is that customers can design their own Vespa, get an accurate price on it, and order it – in just a few clicks! 

It’s an excellent idea and a huge perspective for any complex product configurator, helping your business scale and enabling easier sales! 

Omnichannel PIM in a brewery

Check out another summary of one of the lectures our marketing team attended! This time – the main actor is a brewery! 

Krombacher, the largest private-owned brewery in Germany, had a need for improving their eCommerce in general. With a new atomic design system and Pimcore’s DXP and eCommerce modules implemented, they’ve achieved great results in their eCommerce store. 

Also to mention, Krombacher also uses a complex product configurator to offer their customers personalized products!

Having a great number of product variants, throughout the lecture we’ve seen how the agency organized all of the product data. They’ve introduced a novelty – domain variant! 

Domain variant helps us provide the right information to the right audience – on the right output channel! By using domain variants, multiple data sources are avoided, the mess in the product data is decluttered, and data editing is made easy. 

All in all, using such novelties ensured that Krombacher is fully ready to execute omnichannel strategies – with the help of Pimcore!

Our final thoughts on the Pimcore Inspire conference

Even though the conference was fully online, the Pimcore team made sure that it’s engaging and fun enough. Every session was full of attendees, and the Q&A sessions were extremely insightful! 

We learned of many new Pimcore projects, as well as of many new approaches towards development on Pimcore. 

In the end, Pimcore introduced us to the rest of the community as one of the newest Pimcore partners in 2020! 

For all developers just starting out with Pimcore, check out our guide on learning Pimcore with practical examples!

And if you’re in need of a reliable partner with a proven track record of successful digitalization projects – let’s talk!

We’re a professional Pimcore development company, ready to take on any digitalization challenge!

To round up this recap – the conference was a blast, and we’re hoping for a live one next year! What’s sure is that we’ll be attending the next one and we’re looking forward to connecting with all of the Pimcore enthusiasts.

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