Pimcore Global Partners Conference recap

Our Pimcore development team visited Pimcore Global Partners Conference held on September 26-27, 2019 in Salzburg!

Pimcore Inspire conference was full of great ideas, learning materials, and above everything – fun!

This was the 5th Pimcore Inspire Global Partner Conference with more than 250 people from 4 continents and 72 partners!

The first day started with the presentation of upcoming features, news from the Pimcore core team and talk about trends! After the introduction, the conference was split into 2 stages – one was for developers and the second stage covered topics related to business.

In the development sessions, our developers enjoyed in workshops about Data Hub, Scaling with Cloud Deployment, Machine learning, and Content commerce.

Meanwhile, on the business stage, attendees had a great time talking about the very start of Pimcore, pitching projects, challenges and solutions in marketing and sales. Above everything, attendees had a one-to-one interaction, network opportunities, and knowledge-sharing!








Workshops ended with the presentation of case studies from businesses and developers across the Pimcore team.








The first day was closed with Pimcore Oktoberfest!








The second day of the Pimcore conference was full of workshops about customer experience, product information management, ecommerce and all things necessary to have the perfect Pimcore project!








Now, let’s see how our team enjoyed Pimcore conference








Ivica, Dino, and Alen visited Salzburg and came back with great tips for our next Pimcore projects, and also recommendations for food, places to visit and where to drink great beer in Salzburg!







Dino, this is your first conference, tell us your experience?








The conference was a beneficial experience that will help me in my further development as a Pimcore developer. It has allowed me to get to know other people working with Pimcore and get introduced to the ideas of those same people. The community itself is excellent; people are willing to share ideas.








Was it just business or was it fun?








It was fantastic in Austria. Balancing the comfortable with the helpful, we explored Salzburg the first day, visited the Old Town and the Hangar-7 Museum. We spent the next day at a conference where we met new people and learned a lot of new things and had the opportunity to see Pimcore solutions from other companies. At the end of the day, we had a little fun at Pimcore Oktoberfest. On the third day, we had some more classes, and after that, we went home.








Which workshop was the best for you and why?








I was most impressed by the lecture on the new Pimcore feature DataHub, which will allow you to create an API in just a few clicks in administration. It is currently in the beta version, and only GraphQL is supported. Also, a lecture on machine learning at Pimcore, where they showed us how they want to apply machine learning to auto-tagging of images based on a feature.







Meet our frontend developer Alen, he’s in our Factory Family for about 3 years and this is his first Pimcore conference!








Let’s see his experience:








Pimcore conference was a great experience for me! It was both, fun and business and a lot of new things we can learn. I’m a big fan of workshops where we get an introduction to some problems while seeing the solution both in development and also solving problems for the client.








I can’t wait for a new Pimcore workshop and conference!








Give us your highlights from the Pimcore conference:








The best practices for deploying Pimcore on the cloud (AWS, Azure), Web2print vendors and their approaches to the same problem, perhaps the most important thing were the specific case studies where the developers presented their solutions. It really helped me to “convince” myself that I’m doing the right thing. It also gave me an insight into the solutions themselves, especially because of the current small community, so there is not much “ready” code that can be found on the internet.








p.s. To help you out with the start of learning Pimcore check our first Pimcore blog post – Learning Pimcore with practical examples for beginners 








What is the best thing from this Pimcore conference?








There are too many great things, however, if I have to highlight one thing, I would say the people we met.








Pimcore community is small but quite impressive regarding knowledge. Besides Pimcore developers, the people behind the development have a lot of experience and work in well-known companies like Gartner, Forrester, etc. Talking with those guys, I got inspiration for my further developing and sharping skills as a Pimcore developer!








Ivica, you had the chance to meet Pimcore CEO Dietmar Riesch?







Dietmar is very interesting as a person since he puts a lot of energy and emotion into what he does. We talked about what it is like to scale a business and the challenges of running it (he is now CEO at two companies, Pimcore, and Elements, which have about 250 people).








We agreed on the fundamental values ​​in the creation of the company and how important it is to solve the problem for the client, which lead us to the conclusion on how development agencies should add non-development roles in order to improve the client’s business.








What is the best thing you will remember from this Pimcore conference?







We met the core Pimcore team and our Factory is invited to become the first Croatian partner!








Also, one of the best things I need to highlight is talking with Mike from Gartner and Geroge from Forrester with whom I’m actively in contact and who have given me active insight into future research and current materials at my disposal. Of course, I enjoyed seeing a few case studies that could inspire us to work with existing or new clients using Pimcore.








Which workshop is your favorite one?








I would like to single out Gartner’s and Forrester’s (Analytical companies) from the lectures, which gave me a better insight into the thinking of analysts in recommending software to their clients and more about emerging trends in the market. Most important would be the DXP (Digital experience platform) segment, which is clearly led by this powerful platform – Pimcore.








What do you say about the Pimcore community?








The event was announced as a “non-aggressive business development” event so we were not able to openly pitch the company as a partner, but I met a lot of people. I have to admit that most are not naturally oriented to networking and that they mostly stick with the circle of people they know, but with a little assertiveness and starting a conversation there are topics we can talk for hours.








We can’t wait for another Pimcore workshop!








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