Support Dino for the title of the Most Valuable Pimconaut 2021

As 2021 is nearing its end, Pimcore has kicked off yet another contest! This time, Pimcore developers from around the globe are hoping to gain the title of the Most Valuable Pimconaut

Dino, our Pimcore developer, has been named as the Open Source Contributor of the month and as one of the 12 nominated developers for the title of MVP! 

Dino Turopoli - Most Valuable Pimconaut

This year has been a big one for Pimcore. On March 31st, Pimcore X was released. To ensure everything goes smoothly and without setbacks, the entire community gathered to help polish all features and root out all issues before the release date.

Dino and the rest of our Pimcore team were heavily invested in finishing Pimcore X, and they’ve made dozens of pull requests, bringing new versions of Pimcore closer each day. 

Let’s take a look at some of his latest contributions to Pimcore! 

Unit listing - missing condition variables 

In this case, the unit listing didn’t receive conditional parameters that we set, meaning that filtering units would cause an error. Now, after the issue is fixed, unit listing works how it’s supposed to work! 

Query builder - missing condition variables

Executing query builder from listing would result in an error because conditional parameters and types weren’t taken over from listing. To solve this problem, it was needed to find all the places where the query builder was used and add conditional parameters and types to the query.

Now, Pimcore developers can execute listing queries without any issues.

URL slug route fix

There was an issue with the Pimcore object URL Slug. If the URL Slug matches a full path of the unpublished Document page there URL would return an error. The same problem was also occurring for static routes.

After this issue was resolved, users could now choose how Pimcore URL slug and static routes interact with unpublished documents.

Table data type not using the table config fix

The issue occurred when defining the initial data for the Table data type. That data wouldn’t be loaded when creating a new object. The cause for this problem was the bug inside Javascript, and after it was solved - the Table data type works as it’s supposed to and the initial data is loaded when creating a new object.

There are dozens of pull requests our team made over time, check them all out in our Contributions section!

Dino developed a whole new feature - Localized error pages

Developing an entirely new feature for a platform such as Pimcore is in no case a small feat, and we’re extremely proud of Dino’s work and dedication to Pimcore and its community! 

Localized error pages - Pimcore pull request

Dino, why was this feature needed? 

Every time we worked on a multi-language Pimcore project, we needed to add localized error pages. Since Pimcore only has the option to add a single error page that will be shown for every language, I decided to add a functionality that will allow us to define error pages per language.

How did you do it? 

I had to extend the Pimcore administration and add an option to define an error page for each active language inside system settings and also inside a popup for editing sites.

How important is this feature for developers?

This feature is very important because now Pimcore will have a functionality that will allow developers to easily create error pages for different languages for the main domain and for each site. I think this is something that all developers that worked on multi-language sites always wanted.

How does it feel to contribute to a platform such as Pimcore? 

This was my biggest contribution to Pimcore so far and it feels awesome. Not only because I managed to develop such a big functionality and the team from Pimcore approved it, but also from now on, every time when I open Pimcore administration, I’ll see something made by me. 

And here’s the link for this pull request so you can check the contribution on GitHub! 

Let’s ask Dino a few questions about Pimcore! 

We’ve prepared a few questions for Dino, so let’s kick off with the first one! 

How long have you been working on Pimcore? 

I have been working on Pimcore for 3 years now and I’d say that Pimcore offers a solution for every business problem like managing product data, assets, customer data, and so on. It offers built-in solutions and it also allows you to easily adjust them to your needs. One of the greatest things about Pimcore, for me personally, is its administration which really helps you to manage everything.

What was your most challenging experience with Pimcore so far?

I was working on a project where we had to create multiple web applications that would connect to one central application. The central application would contain all user data and would serve as the main login entry for other applications, and sessions would be shared between all applications.

Which feature do you consider to be the most useful to you as a developer? 

Pimcore has a ton of features that make developers' lives easier. One of my favorite features is definitely Pimcore classes. Classes allow us to easily create and manage data models. You can create a class that will represent your entity with a couple of clicks inside the administration. 

Pimcore offers you a lot of data types for your classes that cover almost every case you can think of. And if you want, you can also add your own data type. Also, you can check objects from a class inside the administration and edit them anytime. All of this makes managing your data and data model super easy.

Are you planning on working on some new Pimcore features? 

Yes, I’m planning to continue contributing to Pimcore by doing bug fixes and hopefully adding some new features. There are always some ideas that I would like to implement in Pimcore, but first I’ll have to consult with my team to be completely sure that those ideas make sense and that they are worth implementing.

During the development of Pimcore X, a huge part of the Pimcore community worked together on bringing Pimcore X to life. What are your thoughts on the community? 

The Pimcore community is growing every day and it is awesome to see that! Also, the community is very active on GitHub and there are a lot of discussions about bug fixes and improvements going on at any time. Personally, I’ve had some interactions with the developers from the Pimcore team where I was discussing possible solutions to bug fixes and ideas for improvements with them via GitHub.

What’s your advice for up-and-coming Pimcore developers? 

When you start learning Pimcore you can easily get overwhelmed, but you shouldn’t give up easily. Once you master Pimcore, you’ll start appreciating it more and more. For starters, I would definitely recommend checking our Pimcore Knowledge Base and Pimcore’s official documentation.

Let’s get back to voting! 

Voting for the Most Valuable Pimconaut of 2021 is at full speed! Visit this link and support our Dino on his road to the title of MVP 2021! 

And if you’d like to connect with us, you can contact us anytime! Whatever kind of advice regarding Pimcore you’re after, or any kind of project you’re planning to take on, we’re happy to help! 

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