URL slug route fix

What was the issue? 

There was an issue with the Pimcore object URL Slug. If the URL Slug matches a full path of the unpublished Document page there URL would return an error. The same problem was also occurring for static routes.

How did you solve it? 

Just fixing this would be a breaking change for older Pimcore installations because maybe some users rely on this functionality as a default Pimcore functionality. So I added a config option that will allow users to choose whether they want to disable or enable this. In Pimcore 11, the default behavior will be that if URL slug matches a full path of an unpublished Document page, it will still work. It goes the same for static routes.

Why is this fix important?

It’s important because it gives users a possibility to choose how Pimcore URL Slug and static routes interact with unpublished documents.

How does it feel to contribute to a platform such as Pimcore? 

After a few pull requests I've made, it started to feel like "business as usual". Still, it's awesome that my code is a part of Pimcore and that these fixes are making life easier for me and all the other Pimcore developers.

And if you want to check out this pull request, just follow the link! 

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