How to disable the Autosave feature in Pimcore X system administration

What you'll learn with this guide

This short guide will teach you how to disable the Autosave feature in Pimcore X in just a few easy steps. 

Where to use? 

While the Autosave function for documents and objects is a new feature added for Pimcore X systems and it ensures that changes cannot be lost, each change will reload the opened administration tab. So, if you found it not needed or maybe it breaks your UX/UI, this guide is for you.


There are two ways of disabling the Autosave feature in Pimcore X.

The first is in startup.js via javascript code used by admin and second is in configuration via config.yaml.

For the first solution we have to navigate to public/static/js/startup.js and at the end of initializing function add:

Now, startup.js should look something like this: 

For the second solution, we have to navigate to config/config.yaml and add:

We found the second approach a bit more cleaner and convenient, but in the end, it’s your decision which solution to implement.

Does it work? 

To test it, we can simply create some document or object, add something to it (eg. for objects add a text area and write something to it). If the Autosave feature is successfully disabled, nothing should happen as you write to it.

Do you have more questions, or you're having issues while implementing this? Reach out to us; we’ll be glad to help! 

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