Cut off relation in EditableDialogBox fix

What was the issue? 

When Relation editable is added to the DialogBox, the width of the editable is too large and icons that are placed after the editable come out of the viewport and aren't accessible.

How did you solve it? 

The issue was solved by creating a temporary element that contains all the icons that are going to be shown after the Relation editable so it can collect data on their total width. After that, we need to subtract the width of the editable from the total width of the icons to successfully set the width of the Relation editable. After that's done, we destroy the temporary element, as we won't have any use for it anymore.

Why is this fix important?

It's important because it's a design fix, we couldn't use the Relation editable properly until now.

How does it feel to contribute to a platform such as Pimcore? 

Contributing to Pimcore already became a common effort for me, for I have been contributing with pull requests for quite some time. It cheers me up to see that these fixes make a lot of lives much easier, including mine! 

And if you want to check out this pull request, just follow the link! 

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