Links having long URLs not editable in data objects

What was the issue? 

The issue was with Pimcore links. If a longer link is inserted, the button for link editing disappears because the link seems to "push it out". 

How did you solve it? 

The solution was to limit the number of characters that can be displayed to 100. This refers to the way link is displayed, but when a link popup is opened, number of characters isn't limited.

Why is this fix important?

This fix is important because if there were longer links inserted, users couldn't edit the content because the link would quite literally "push out" the button off the screen.

Which sources would you recommend for learning Pimcore? 

When starting with your Pimcore learning, I'd recommend official Pimcore documentation, our Factory blog, and our how-to guides to be your first starting points.

And if you want to check out this pull request, just follow the link! 

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