Using localized field - lazy load fix

What was the issue? 

There was an issue with using lazy load functionality inside localized fields.

How did you solve it? 

Since lazy loaded fields are not serialized for cache, the field needs to be unmarked as loaded, so it can be loaded again when requested.

Why is this fix important?

Lazy loading is good practice for improving website performance. Moreover, from Pimcore v6.5.0. relations are always lazy loaded and there is no configuration to exclude it. Therefore, it is important that all aspects of it work properly.

How does it feel to contribute to a platform such as Pimcore? 

As Pimcore is our primary development platform, it is great when we can contribute in any way. It is also nice to help other developers that might encounter the same issue.

And if you want to check out this pull request, just follow the link! 

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