Localized error pages - new feature

What was the issue? 

Every time we worked on a multi-language Pimcore project, we needed to add localized error pages. Since Pimcore only has the option to add a single error page that will be shown for every language, I decided to add a functionality that will allow us to define error pages per language.

How did you solve it? 

I had to extend the Pimcore administration and add an option to define an error page for each active language inside system settings and also inside a popup for editing sites.

Why is this fix important?

This fix is very important because now Pimcore will have a functionality that will allow developers to easily create error pages for different languages for the main domain and for each site. I think this is something that all developers that worked on multi-language sites wanted.

How does it feel to contribute to a platform such as Pimcore? 

This was my biggest contribution to Pimcore so far and it feels awesome. Not only because I managed to develop such a big functionality and the team from Pimcore approved it, but also from now on every time when I open Pimcore administration, I’ll see something made by me. 

And if you want to check out this pull request, just follow the link! 

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