How Your Eyes Move on a Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Web design is a quite big role in developement process!

While there are some important changes and new trends in web design, some practices related to eye movement while exploring website are still the same. In order to help developer and business owners to improve user experience, Single Grain teamed up with Crazy Egg and created useful information on eye tracking. Infographic is showing important viewing pattern most online consumers tends to follow when visiting a website:

  • 69% of users’ time is spent looking at the left half of a webpage,
  • users maintain an “F/E” shaped viewing pattern,
  • users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the fold or the portion of the web page that doesn’t require any scrolling.

To be a better web designer – our designers need to know how people are using some website and create a better user experience for them!
If you are not sure how consumers typically view information on a website or you just want to find out some cool design tips, check out this infographic and start learning how consumers think and behave online.
How Your Eyes Move on a Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

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