Discover hidden beauties of National Park Krka with a new mobile app!

Visit beautiful locations, send personalized postcards, and track how locations changed through time with Greetings from Krka mobile app! 

The Challenge

The ‘Greetings from Krka’ mobile application had two very specific and important goals. One, to provide a quick and easy way to find the most popular locations in Krka National Park and, two, provide essential information and directions. The biggest challenge was presenting places from the old postcards. All content needed of a modern and attractive design, and our team did great! After the design phase, our mobile app developers provided great app development, creating an app that was both speedy as well as stable for iOS and Android devices. The result of our teamwork is an application with a clean and personalized interface and a fantastic user experience.

Tourist mobile app for National Park Krka


Take a look at beautiful attractions and the most visited areas, and see how they changed through time.


With the “Now & Then” slider, users can see the historical beauty of National Park Krka in both present and past. All images used in the app are postcards from 19 century of the Krka River and the beautiful nature that surrounds the area. The “Now & Then” feature will show you how the landscape has changed through time. We wanted to allow the most important feature in any tourist application – engaging experience.  With this feature, every user gets a unique experience with this one-of-a-kind mobile tourist app.


Sending Postcards in a New Way!

There is a long-standing tradition of sending postcards from the beautiful places you visit. Now it’s so easy and fun right from your mobile device! Pick your favorite motif and add a note to send to your family and friends. This feature allows you to choose from 20 postcards, but this time you don’t need a stamp.


Map with 10 Most Popular Locations

The national park Krka is located off the Krka River in southern Croatia. The Krka River begins in the foothills of the Dinaric mountain range and flows through many stunning and even historic sites. This map presents the 10 most visited destinations with their description, a location pin, and share button. These places are diverse, ranging from islands and churches, to mountains and beautiful waterfalls.


Google Maps integration

Who doesn’t love (or desperately rely on) Google Maps? With Google Maps integration, easily share your location with contacts or friends on social media. Whether researching beautiful places en route or enthusiastically planning your adventure, you can use Google Maps for better and easier navigation through Krka.



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