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Find out how a traveling companion Android app helped increase the number of tourists in Lika! 

What makes Explore Lika app unique?

Explore Lika Android mobile app for tourists


Unlike the competitor apps, Explore Lika differs by highlighting the lesser-known locations as well. It provides tourists with answers to the question “What else is there?” and encourages them to take a deep dive into the nature of Lika. It helps elevate the individuals that weren’t oriented towards classic tourism until now. It includes family farms (OPG), service provides, producers, and others.


Explore Lika Android mobile app case study

Create your own unique travel route

Explore Lika Android mobile app map functionality

Discover all of the available locations on Explore Lika’s interactive map and create your unique adventures! Combine up to 9 locations and experience the beauty of Lika like never before! 

Prepare your traveling budget with Explore Lika’s Currency Calculator

Explore Lika Android mobile app currency calculator feature


Not sure how to exactly budget for this memorable journey? Whatever currency you usually use, you can easily calculate its value in Croatian Kunas and prepare yourself before you start exploring Lika. 

Discover new locations

Explore Lika Android mobile app Locations feature


Wondering where to go first? View all of the locations easily and learn more about their ratings, find out about their offerings, and use its interactive features to fully dive into your adventure. You’ll see everything from the weather forecast to location ratings! 

Visit exciting events throughout Lika

Explore Lika Android mobile app events functionality


You’re looking for a fun event occurring in Lika? With Explore Lika app, you can find out all about the upcoming events and ensure you visit them on your journey. Connect with like-minded travelers and fully immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Lika.

Explore Lika Android mobile app Project phase 1

Using all the information and client inputs from our Discovery sessions, our designers worked together with our product manager on bringing the idea to life. 

Explore Lika Android mobile app Project phase 2

After the design was adjusted, it was crucial to create the matching technical documentation. It helped all stakeholders to be aligned on what is expected from each functionality and requirement behind the app. 

Explore Lika Android mobile app Project phase 3

Based on the detailed specifications and design, the initial budget and plan were revisited. New estimates provided by the developers defined the features which are to be developed and allowed to create the sprints behind the development.

Explore Lika Android mobile app Project phase 4

This phase included sprint-based, week-long development cycles which were always followed by QA testing efforts. During the total of 9 sprints, the client has also been involved and has received two intermediary “progress report builds”.

Explore Lika Android mobile app Project phase 5

Halfway through the development, the client has been educated on how to enter the content and the deadlines for initial content entering via Pimcore have been set.Explore Lika Android mobile app Project phase 6

Once all the sprints have been completed, we focused on testing the whole application and fixing anything that has been left unsolved. The project was getting readied for store publishing and we gained the client’s final approval on the project completion.

Explore Lika Android mobile app Project phase 7


All of the store assets and descriptions were prepared, and the build is finally published to the store. Immediately after publishing the build, we started two-week support for any urgent build-related issues.



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