A new level of Asset Experience Portal

Take a look on how we created installable composer package for asset management

Welcome to your personalized asset portal!

Using Pimcore platform our client NetGo already had, we created installable and reusable composer package for digital asset management. The first user asset portal was personalised for was Bermad company.  

Welcome to your personalized asset portal Image


Our goal was to create the product with easy setup proces and easy-to-use interface.

Our client NetGo already had Pimcore Framework, but it’s version was a bit outdated. The biggest challenge was to create asset portal that is compatible with both old and new Pimcore versions. And we did it! 

Another challenge was to organize complex data structure for easy navigation, so we used 3-level list sidebar menu.

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Asset Portal Image

Keep it simple

With easy-to-use system of navigating throughout the data structure, we also added search, filtering, sort and view options with tags that can be removed one by one or cleared at once. This allows the users to easily find what they need.

Keep it simple Image

The result

The result is a reusable composer package than can be installed to a client’s existing Pimcore version with specific functionalities.

Client can share this package with partners, who can then personalize their interface with brand logo, colors and backgrounds, like shown here, for Bermad company needs.

The result Image

Responzive without compromis

Users can now access asset portal anywhere and from any device because it is fully responzive. We adapted the look, leaving all the functionalities intact.

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Linux / Ubuntu